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AIEL & SSI 캠브리지 영어 코스: 패키지 D(일대일)

AIEL & SSI 캠브리지 영어 코스: 패키지 D(일대일)

제외: 부가세

패키지 D  개인 일대일입니다  연간 계획  호주 학기 이후 40주 동안. 

Designed for Foundation to Year 10, the SSI & AIEL English Institute offers a Cambridge English Course for students to develop English language competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Cambridge English curriculum will help students develop communicative skills, linguistic knowledge and cultural understanding in English, enabling them to excel as a global citizen.


We understand that each student is at different levels, which is why a free initial assessment will be performed online to determine suitable level for student before commencing the course. Modules and teaching experience would be tailored to specific age groups. The course is separated into three pathways (A, B and C).


  • Pathway A includes two levels of English-language learning: Level A1 and Level A2.
  • Pathway B includes four levels of English-language learning: Level BL, Level B1, Level B2 and Level B3.
  • Pathway C includes five levels of English-language learning: Level CL, Level C1, Level C2, Level C3 and C4.


Over the course of 40 weeks, students will meet with experienced and qualified teachers for 30-minutes a week to do online learning. Students will also spend 20-minutes a week with our @Study tutors, occassionally led by AIEL Principal or Vice-Principal, to further consolidate knowledge or get guidance with homework. An additional complimentary 20-minutes @Study session will be available for students in group classes every fortnight.


To enhance learning retention and provide an innovation edge to learning, SSI and AIEL partnered up to provide an immersive 3D VR learning experience to practice and learn English skills as a part of the SSI & AIEL Cambridge English Course (30-minutes per fortnight). An xSpaces account will need to be created for students upon enrolment to explore the immersive platform with exciting additional supporting materials in the virtual space.


Course Layout Time
Interactive Online Class 30-minutes/week
@Study Tutoring 20-minutes/week

Additional complimentary @StudyTutoring

xSpaces 30-minutes/fortnight


Additional add-ons are available, please add the number of additional classes required at checkout:

  • one-on-one class with Teacher $90 + GST/session
  • one-on-one class with Tutor $50 + GST/session
  • one-on-one class in xSpaces $50 + GST/session
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